Is there an age limit?

You have to be over the age of 18 to join Sissy Hankshaw (ID's required on request) but as long as you can walk in your costume you're welcome to join!

Where do I get a NextPub sign?

We suggest you make your own "Next Pub" sign. Just head on over to any supermarket, cut up a box and write on it. #ArtsNCrafts

Are there any other costs involved?

All drinks, food and prizes are included in your ticket purchase cost. The hangover the day after is on your own account.

Am I allowed to use my phone?

Yes, you're allow to use your phone to take photos/videos or call someone in an emergency. HOWEVER anyone caught using Uber or calling a friend to lift them will be fed punishment drinks by the OC until they wish they hadn't. (and no you are not able to game this for more shots)

Can I get a friend to lift us during the day?

No! This has happened in the past and not only ruins the fun but also is a ban-able offense.

Is it safe to do this?

Yes! Use the buddy system. The teams are in two's so you should never be alone on the route. However if you are separated, just join another group until you meet up at the next stop. General rules of safety apply tho. Dont run into the road. Always look left & right before crossing. Most of the time you'll complete the route before sundown.

Is this for a charity?

No, this is silly for silliness sake. All monies generated for ticket sales are used to make it a day to remember in Cape Town.

Can my team be more than 2 people?

Yes it can, just remember that the public are lifting you. If your team is too big you will struggle to get lifts (or have to wait for SUV/Bakkies to lift you)

Do I have to dress up?

Yes, its not only a requirement of the tour, it helps you get rides from the public.

I have a question not answered above. Who can I contact?

You can contact the OC here.